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Want to try out hospitality or retail? Need a space to run an event? Consider The Sunshine Harvester Works!

Low rent, free workshops, no lock in contracts, great equipment as well as a quirky, innovative and collaborative environment. Apply now or give us a call to talk about coming into the space!


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Why is The Sunshine Harvester Works Special?

Our mission is to support people who have the passion and the pluck to make their dreams a reality. We believe in community commitment, and more importantly collaboration rather than competition.

The Sunshine Harvester Works offers the right space with great equipment, low cost rents, no lock in contracts and a family environment.

We also offer basic business workshops covering business fundamentals in finances, merchandising, marketing, scaling, social media, tax law, legal obligations, business structure, leasing, retail trends – food, beverage, fashion, homewares, just to name a few.

Ultimately, our passion matches yours in helping you make your dream a reality, with a sustainable business model to ensure your success for years to come.


Always changing, forever evolving. Our Smithies are spaces that can be hired on a no lock-in contract, with time periods ranging from days to weeks to even months.

Hire a modular space starting at 2x2 metres, which can grow as you do. If more space is required, a wall can be taken out and extra space can be added.

Incubator Kitchen

The incubator kitchen is a 7X5 metre space equipped with a range of different kitchen appliances.

Prices are charged at hourly rate, with no minimum time, or can regularly scheduled on a regular basis. Like the Smithies, all operators are more than welcome to join all our free workshops.

Event Space

With a huge amount of space, Sunshine can host your next event, whether that be a wedding, dance class, yoga session, group fitness, birthday party or just a gathering.

With many integrated food and beverage operators, food and drink will be the least of your problems. Get in touch with us today


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The Sunshine Harvester Works
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