The Sunshine Harvester Works (Formerly The Mantle)

Vegan night

Sushine goes Vegan for a night

Start date
October 24, 2019
End date
October 24, 2019
The Sunshine Harvester Works

Gratias Organic will be launching the first of many Thursday night feast and events this week on the 24th of October...

Come join us for a Divine Organic Indian Feast with our Master Vegan Chef Prince Hameed to celebrate Diwali (the Festival of Light) and new beginnings at Sunshine Harvester in Fremantle.

This will be our first evening of Organic Vegan yumminess since October 1st

We’ve missed sharing the love with you all and can’t wait to reconnect with youand do it all again.

New beginnings are in the air and the light of change is afoot. We have a story to share.

Come join us on Thursday 24th October from 6pm.

Bookings aren't essential, but would be very helpful.

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The Sunshine Harvester Works