The Sunshine Harvester Works (Formerly The Mantle)

About Us:


Opening Hours*

Al Pastor: Wednesday - Sunday from 5pm

Bumplings Perth: Thursday - Saturday from 5pm

Dingo Sauce Co: Thursday - Saturday from 5pm

Freo Pizza Factory: Tuesday - Sunday from 5pm

Ray's Satay: Friday and Saturday from 5pm

Short Order Burger Co: Wednesday - Friday from 6pm, Saturday from 12pm and Sunday from 2pm

Stampede Gelato: Thursday - Saturday from 6pm, Sunday from 2.30pm

Union Brewery & Distillery: Thursday - Saturday from 5pm, Sunday from 11.30am

Pantry92: 'Sunday Bun Day' 12pm - 7pm

*Individual hours may vary

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
*Individual hours vary

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The Sunshine Harvester Works