The Sunshine Harvester Works

What is The Sunshine Harvester Works?

Julian Lee
February 26, 2019

We believe that people’s passion is something that is very special and something that cannot be replicated. Time and time again, we have seenpeople try to make their visions and concepts a reality, only to be beaten backby reality. This is due to these new (and old) operators not having any idea on how to do so or having an unrealistic expectation of how it is like to have their own premises.

Sunshine Harvester will be that bridge between idea conceptionand idea initiation. By giving operators access to the public, they canactually begin and continually workshop their concepts into a sustainable and effective businesses.

Besides charging incredibly cheap rent, what sets Sunshine Harvester apart from other venues is that we want to help educate our tenants,or as we call them, our crop. We run workshops that helps educate our crop infundamental business practices, such as basic marketing to basic finance. Wewill introduce our crop to contacts in the industry that have taken years to cultivate. Contacts in the industry who are just as passionate as we are to help each other along, everyone from celebrity chefs such as Iain Lawless, to suppliers that operate with integrity and honesty. We strongly encourage our crop to work with each other, and really stress collaboration rather than competition.

February 26, 2019
Why is it called The Sunshine Harvester Works
May 29, 2019
Gascoyne Food Festival Launch

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The Sunshine Harvester Works
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