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Gascoyne Food Council

The Gascoyne Food Council is a producer driven group that is passionate about promoting regional produce and awareness that will enuocrage consumers to seek out and purchase their products as preferable to others. The region is well known for growing fresh tropical fruits and other temperate climate fruit and vegetables along the Gascoyne river. Seafood is also a major industry in the Gascoyne with a variety of fish, prawns, scallops and crabs caught off the coast.


Synonymous with gastronomy, the stunning Gascoyne region is situated approximately 900km north of Perth in Western Australia.  A region abundant with tropical fruits, succulent seafood, beef, sheep and a vast array of temperate climate fruit and vegetables, it is where art meets science in the world of good eating.

The Gascoyne Food Council is a group of dedicated growers who are passionate about promoting our amazing regional produce, providing awareness that will encourage consumers to seek out and purchase our products as preferable to others.  This includes working partners to develop promotional opportunities for produce and delivering the annual Gascoyne Food Festival.

The festival attracts locals and tourists alike, food lovers from near and far-flung places seeking out a unique culinary experience. Set against the backdrop of the mighty Gascoyne river and the red dirt of the fertile horticultural lands and desert, the festival locations of Carnarvon and Exmouth boast the idyllic, laid-back charm of regional Western Australia with all the modern amenities and attractions needed to keep you comfortable and entertained throughout the Festival weekend.

So why don't you catch a taste of the great life and buy the best of in-season Gascoyne foods at your local supermarket... and when you plan your next holiday include a visit to the popular Gascoyne Growers’ Market, or time your travels to coincide with the annual celebrations of the Gascoyne Food Festival. Visit the home of the original Lunchbox Banana, try your luck fishing on the iconic One Mile Jetty or get up close and personal with a whale shark (not for consumption). There’s plenty to do, and eat, in the Gascoyne – we hope you enjoy exploring the gastronomic pleasures of our oasis at the edge of the world.


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