The Sunshine Harvester Works

The Crop

Some operators come to hang out, and then they choose to hang out a lot! These crop are a regular part of Sunshine and are ready to welcome you and your friends & fam on your next visit. A fundamental pillar to our space, these Crop see Sunshine as a permanent home.

The Smithies

On every visit you will find new entrepreneurs offering a huge range of food, fashion, gifts, homewares and everything else under the sun...shine.

As one of our main goals is to give operators a space that they can operate out of with minimal risk, as they create a sustainable business model, we have a revolving door of new and fresh operators wanting to share their passion with you. It’s exactly what Sunshine is all about – helping people try out new ideas in supportive, flexible and friendly spaces.

Cream of the Crop

Once part of the family, always part of the family.
Here are our old friends who are no longer at Sunshine, but are always in our hearts.

Every business that is part of Sunshine for any period of time, becomes part of our Sunshine family, even when they leave.

So when a new idea takes off and they expand their business, we’ll keep telling visitors about them and continue to support their success.

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The Sunshine Harvester Works
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