The Sunshine Harvester Works (Formerly The Mantle)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I make a booking?

A. The new 'Sunshine' side (Where Bumplings, Union Brewery, Dingo etc are) do not take bookings at this time.

Al Pastor are taking bookings. Please Contact them on Instagram to book @alpastorfreo.

Short Order Burger and Freo Pizza Factory DO take bookings.

Q. Can I buy food from more than one Foodie?

A. YES!!! We are a sharing, communal bunch here at Sunshine Harvester. You are encouraged to buy from multiple foodies, it's all part of the experience (and there are so many good options it's hard to choose just one!). You can sit anywhere you like, however, we ask that for those Foodies who have their designated seated area - Al Pastor, Freo Pizza Factory and Short Order Burger Co, that if you sit in their area, you can bring other food there as long as you also support them and order from their menu too :)

Q. Are you BYO?

A. The new 'Sunshine' side (Where Bumplings, Union Brewery, Dingo etc are) is a licensed venue, you cannot BYO here. But you can grab a beer, wine, gin or whisky from Union Brewery and Distillery!

Al Pastor have their own license, so you cannot BYO here.

Short Order Burger Co and Freo Pizza Factory are both BYO! You can only consume your beverages while sitting in their area.

Q. Are there Gluten Free option?

A. Yes! You will need to check with each Foodie as their menu's change a lot, but there will be options for GF and vegetarian.

Q. Can I bring my dog to Sunshine?

A. As much as we are all dog people, unfortunately as Sunshine is an inside eatery, no dogs allowed :(

Opening Hours
Tuesday - Sunday
*Individual hours vary

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The Sunshine Harvester Works